Inflatable Santa Claus House

Santa's house is aivailable in different sizes and customizations. Produced with polyester fireproof fabric fully printed in high definition. The interiors represent all objects of the true home of Santa Claus: the fireplace, the hearth. the tree and the gifts.

In the photo: Santa's House

- Large version:  outside size: 4,2x4,5x4,0 m h - internal size: 3,0x3,0x3,5 m h

other versions available

- Medium: outside size: mt 3,5x3,75x3,25 h - internal size: mt 2,3x2,3x3 h

- Small: external size: mt 3,25x3,25x3 h - internal size: mt 2,1x2,1x2,85 h