Company profile

Gonfiabili TeS is a branch of the company Tendenze e Servizi SrL, textile company operating in the luxury sector.  Tendenze e Service SrL is an excellence in the ‘outsourcinng fashion system’  that provides a complete range of services, for quality and reliability are always guaranteed


Tendenze e Servizi is locate in Perugia, Umbria (central Italy).


Our 3.000 sq.m. factory in Ponte Felcino is equipped with modern technology.


The plant has 15 employees an is connected with 20 other company for a network of more than 200 staff members.

Contact us


Via Val di Rocco, 16

06134 Ponte Felcino - PERUGIA



Tel +39 075 5918511

Fax +39 075 5919063 

Mob +39 348 7705220